EPAM Refer your friend

EPAM - American IT company specializing in software development. The offices of this company are represented in 25 countries of the world. The EPAM referral program allows you to redeem invitations from your friends at the company. 

Task: To popularize the referral program and to strengthen the team spirit among the clients in the company.

Solution: The fact that friend wouldn't hang you to dry is known to all, so we have decided to show the importance of friendship in relationships. For this, we used the classic method of failure to success. And, of course, your friend helps to succeed.  If you find a series of failures or you can't cope with the obstacle itself, a close person will never leave you. Work is like a sport. Therefore, in the video, we decided to show not only work in the office, but also a hobby of heroes. Characters are real EPAM employees, but with their real pastime.

Statistics: viewers (facebook): EPAM Ukraine - 1.5K; EPAM Global - 4.6K.

Video agency - and action
Director - Ivan Ischenko
DoP - Bohdan Lysyk
Sound - Taras Muchychka
Production manager - Volodymyr Boyko
Account manager - Khrystyna Boyko