ELEKS How to turn a great Idea into a software product?

ELEKS is a leading IT-company which offers such services as software product development, consulting and quality control assurance. One of the top-rated outsourcing companies due to the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals rate.

In 2016 ELEKS celebrated its 25-year anniversary and on this occasion, the company decided to show how the company has changed during this time. Furthermore, the advertising video should solve such tasks:

  • to make the company popular for potential clients (image video)
  • to become an effective recruiting tool
  • to enhance the corporate spirit and team motivation

ELEKS is a powerful and authoritative company. And we wanted them to feel it during the video view. Therefore, we approached the matter seriously and with a responsible attitude. During 2 weeks we have been meeting with the company staff and have researched the company history since the first-attempts-in-a-basement times till today`s developments in the own RnD lab.

We have found out how the programming language has been developed; and how ELEKS influences the whole country energy sphere. Actually, such insights that know only employees gave us a possibility to create an authentic story.   

The main question that is raised in the video: How to realize a great idea in a software product? As an answer, we have shown how hard they should try to reach a desirable aim and what a pleasure makes the result.

Every advertisement plot element is historically/chronological real and strategically selected for the company. Every scheme or graphics element is a real company achievement. To enhance the corporate spirit the real workers of ELEKS have taken part in video production. Now everybody knows its celebrities.   

We have created a specific location due to the epoch in order to imitate the times of company founding. Worth knowing: We reorganized the current ELEKS office. Moreover, the film director has decided to limit the use of computer graphics. That’s why the most VFX is real filming.  We have spent 3 days shooting the video, using ARRI Alexa camera. Film crew consisted of 17 members.   

Statistics: Views 23K; shares 134 (Facebook)

Awards: Motion Graphics of Personal Promo // UKRAINIAN DESIGN: the Very Best of 2016.

Video agency - and action
DoP - Bohdan Lysyk
Director - Ivan Ischenko
1st camera assistant - Archil Siradze
Production manager - Volodymyr Boyko
Art director - Catherine Luch
Account manager - Khrystyna Boyko
Style - Oksana Pihel
Composing - Vitalii Nebelskyi