SENSTONE Keep your ideas

SENSTONE is a successful Ukrainian start-up. Just during first 24-hours on the Kickstarter, the project has gathered $70K. This smart gadget identifies speech and makes notes, reminds or tasks. Moreover, SENSTONE looks like a stylish accessory item.   

Task: To advertise SENSTONE, highlighting its main facilities and the way to wear. 

Solution: SENSTONE is a stylish, innovative and easy-to-use gadget. That`s why we have decided to create short and brief adv, which should describe the elegance and smartness of the product. We have made it clear that this gadget is irreplaceable in business and creativity. It completes all tasks in a second. Thus, we have chosen the laconic studio location and dynamic format of the video to emphasize the simplicity and high-speed facilities of the gadget.   

Statistics: reach: 378 700; video views - 167 745 (Facebook); 687 053 (views in all)

Video agency - and action
DoP - Bohdan Lysyk
Director - Ivan Ischenko
1st director assistant: Vitalii Nebelskyi
Production manager - Volodymyr Boyko
Account manager - Khrystyna Boyko
Style - Oksana Pihel
Composing - Vitalii Nebelskyi