Lviv Media Forum

We are pleased to share with you another frame rate animation created for the Lviv Media Forum in the format of visual gratitude to partners: National Endowment for Democracy, U.S. Embassy Kyiv Ukraine, Ukrainian Cultural Foundation, NATO, Dragon Capital, European Union in Ukraine.

We wanted to express this in some interesting and unusual way. We had 6 main partners and decided to create some visual representation for each of them. We wanted to seamlessly transition from one partner to another and thank each them for some specific thing which they do.

To visualize each partner we highlighted the main keywords for each of them: NED - freedom, democracy US Embassy - support, development Ukrainian Cultural Fund - culture, patriotism NATO - security, defense, freedom Dragon Finance - finance, investing, integrity European Union - connection, human rights, peace.

Project on Behance

Video agency - AND ACTION
Concept and Script - Marina Buchinskaya, Vitalii Nebelskyi
Art dir - Vitalii Nebelskyi
Illustration - Olga Barabah
Animation - Olga Barabah, Vitalii Nebelskyi
Music - Eugene Latsko
Sound - Andriy Tkachuk