FISHKA Christmas Fireplace

FISHKA is a loyalty program that brings together 3 million participants and 8 partners - the leaders of the Ukrainian market. In 2016, the company launches the New Year's campaign, the gifts became a weekend in Istanbul and points to the account.

Task: To ensure the promotion of the action update customer databases.

Solution: Christmas and New Year holidays are full of commercials. Therefore, it was important to create an interesting video and don't get lost in many fairy stories with a happy end. If the surprise fails, you will be surprised by FISHKA.

The series of rollers allowed an action to keep an eye on the whole period of the Christmas and New Year holidays.

Statistics: coverage: 378 700; viewers: 167 745 (facebook), 687 053 (total views).

Video agency - and action
DoP - Bohdan Lysyk
Director - Ivan Ischenko
1st director assistant - Vitalii Nebelskyi
Sound - Taras Muchychka
Style - Oksana Pihel
Location scouting - Khrystyna Boyko
Art director - Lidia Prodan
Composing - Vitalii Nebelskyi
VO - Propeller