3M Vampire Commercial

ЗМ Unitek – the biggest teeth brace distributor in Ukraine.

Our task was to create an advertising video, which would make teeth braces popular among Ukrainian orthodontists. Definitely, not so many people are acquainted with brace developers, thus we had decided to create a memorable/catchy advertising, which in prospect would convince to buy this production. We knew that the advertising should be broadcasted in cinemas, that`s why we had chosen an impressive plot with a vampire in a main role. But who knew that there could been obstacle to bite his first victim?

Video agency - and action
DoP - Bohdan Lysyk
Director - Ivan Ischenko
1st director assistant - Vitalii Nebelskyi
Sound - Taras Muchychka
Style - Oksana Pihel
CG - Volodymyr Bosyi
Composing - Nazar Shpilchak
VO - Propeller