10G force

10G FORCE is the perfect partner for small businesses. The company is engaged in remote testing of software on iOS and Android.

Task: to advertise the company's potential and show its benefits.

Solution: People in the IT field love clarity and conciseness. In the video, we showed how 10G FORCE works step by step, solving real problems. The true employees of the company became the heroes of the team of testers. It was important to show the spirit and environment of the 10G FORCE, so the video turned out energetic, full of enthusiasm and friendliness.

Video agency - and action
DoP - Bohdan Lysyk
Director - Ivan Ischenko
Production manager - Volodymyr Boyko
Account manager - Khrystyna Boyko
Style - Oksana Pihel
Composing - Vitalii Nebelskyi